Digital Exhibits-Library Displays

Our digital exhibits are library displays that feature a diverse array of materials housed at least for a period of time (items that are on temporary loan) in Alumnae Library, Elms College. These exhibits may be brief studies, histories, or literary fiction or non-fiction storytelling that coordinate and add context to materials that have been digitized. All are scholarly, informative, imaginative, and at times playful–these aspects contribute to learning more about the featured materials.

Each exhibit features photographs or scanned images of materials with descriptions about the materials themselves and where they are housed. The nature of the exhibit, whether it be an academic study, artwork with visual criticism, creative nonfiction, or imaginative storytelling is also clearly indicated. Our goal is to create a digital version of current physical exhibits for as long as they exist as exhibits.

The following is a list of our digital exhibits. Click on a title to view an exhibit:

Author and Photographer: Melissa Ursula Dawn Goldsmith
© 2013-2014 Melissa Ursula Dawn Goldsmith